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The Character

About  J. Tomic

Nothing more than an amalgamation of atoms that found themselves forming together to create a being that wishes to be a little more than it's base make-up.

Adorning the mask on the sands of Rainbow Beach, portraying a white wolf scarred with black.

It symbolizes the beast it feels growing inside, conflicted to split apart.

The Closed eye, a green 'X' symbolizing the envy of others and the destruction of self to achieve.

The Open eye, a blue 'O' symbolizing the emotion held inside and the awareness of self and outer.

The white wolf being symbolic of strength through survival.

The black 'scarring' being the marks left behind from the experience of life.

As J continues it's journey, the mask's markings may grow and change.

J. Tomic creates music from its experiences through life, without vocals, purely through the emotional weight behind the sound.

"Always experiencing. Always learning. Always improving."

About  J. Tomic

The Artist

The Artist behind "J. Tomic" is known as Josh, a 32 year old who's practiced music production since age 15.

A high-school and TAFE drop-out that focuses on his strengths and continues to improve on his weaknesses.

He desired to make music, not for fame or fortune, but for the love of it, the desire to be heard and give back to that which brought him meaning, he then began his musical journey.

Never receiving musical education, the artist has always managed to make the music you hear from him today.

Through the old and reliable method of "trial and error", finding inspiration from genres of all kinds and artists of all sorts, the artist has found and honed his method into 3 forms of electronic music;

Chill, Dance and Bass Heavy

A digital nomad in the sense that his whole life is online and has wandered about its landscapes under different names and identities, only now settling in and building up his plot of land using all he has gathered and continues to gather.

Not just a space for him however, with having plans of helping others in their music journeys with an upcoming digital underground to connect independent artists together with fans of inde. music, labels, DJ's and more, a place where real talent of all musical variety can really stand out, be heard and take the next step.

Questions You May Have

Why the character and not yourself, are you trying to hide something?

No not at all, I'm very open with who I am and what I do, while I may float around in the 'grey area', I have no reason to hide myself besides anxiety and self-doubt.

The character is simply a way to have my personality visible without it being me that's shown.

A good example of this and a slight inspiration to the idea is the 'band' "Gorillaz",

I grew up listening to their music and was fascinated by the fact that the characters were the ones you'd know them for, never who they were behind it, well, until recently.

However, unlike them, there's no real difference between the character and the artist, just more interesting having the cartoon or digital look than myself.

You mentioned having other identities, have you uploaded music under different names?

I have, but not sure if many of those older fans are still around.

I used to go by "DJ Digital Assassin", which changed to "Valhalla", I then had "Jtomic" which has since evolved to "J. Tomic", as we have today.

Back then I was really invested in Hardstyle, it wasn't great music I was putting out, but they were the stepping stones to what I make today.

My other online Identity some will know is "ToxWolf" or "Toxxy", I have uploaded some music under that name but that's when I was trying out Alternative Rock, it didnt do so bad, but mostly its for my gaming Identity nowadays, you may know him as the Speedrunner for Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX.

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