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J. Tomic's music is free to stream and have in your videos.
All he asks is you link his music in the description of your content.
For licensing and other commercial content purposes, please contact J. Tomic at the email address located at the foot of every page.
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The first album released as J. Tomic.
Originally released mid 2014, this album was about high hopes in big dreams.
Before starting the journey I was always looking up to the stars, both figuratively and those bright lights speckled in the night sky, that simple concept became the base of this album.

"Lights" was about dreaming of having my name in lights, on signs, in the sky itself, wherever my name was worthy of being, I wanted to be the star you saw on TV, on posters, everything. I was excited to try, and this is the song that encompasses that one ideal.

"Sleepless Mind" was about how that goal was thought over thousands of times, endlessly, constantly. I planned night and day on how to make it happen, how I was going to do it, it became overwhelming, much like the song.

"All Night Rave", I became infatuated with Rave culture, the whole underground scene, my home away from home. This was my song for that time, intensity, fast-paced, a place I could belong.

"Higher And Higher", that's how I thought I'd climb towards the next plateau. I was starting to get recognition for my work with the underground, mostly negative, but few would provide encouragement and ideas on how to improve.

"Chimes" was a name my friend gave my music, a lot of tracks contained bells and the likes, so I made this in spite of his comment. Turned out to be the core to the album, the bells playing role as the sound of good things to come of the future.

"Dancing With The
Stars" was about the biggest speck in the night sky, the moon, comfort of a street punk, there's many a tale yet to be made of this chunk of rock in orbit. This is just one, and how I dream to be just as bright.
The second album released as J. Tomic.
Originally released June 2016 along side the Remastered version of "The Stars [EP]", this album was about improving and taking the first steps to actualizing the dream, wandering the deserts of Australia's music scene.
These are the songs made from that time in life.

"When They Came" is about the industry coming in and changing the music landscape, taking the underground and turning it mainstream while simultaneously making it harder to achieve the same success without conforming, making the desert much more vast.

"Searching" is about looking far and wide for the path forward after the realization, I wasn't going to give up on this dream just because some made it harder, I was going to find a way through.
That's when the searching comes to an end, at the edge of a forest of possibilities.

"Alone" is the song that would be the grounds of the journey. Seeing other artists I knew grow, I had to find my way alone too, it wasn't easy to come to grips with, but I knew it was the only way it could happen if it's going to happen at all.

"Broken Soul" was the only thing gained in the process, I began to change and focus on achieving what I could and losing parts of me I needed to let go, going against instinct and gain what few around me tried for, it's all I could do from then on.

"Shallow Rave" is the song that was to let go of old ways and bring in the new, that I was leaving behind the old life in hopes for a new beginning, but deep down I knew that you can't keep the wild out of the west for long.

Journey" is about finding my path only to find that on the other side of the journey, is another journey in itsel
f. Though the stories will differ, they hold one thing in common, they shape us.
The third album released as J. Tomic.
Originally released August 2019, 3 years after Journey [EP].
A lot had happened, moved to a new town, getting used to the alien environment, trying to find my place and getting to know the new me, these are the songs of that time.

Overload" is about the overwhelming nature of the sudden transition, I didn't handle it well and got into addictions, some positives like getting back into martial arts and weightlifting, and some negatives like drugs and alcohol, it was a balancing act I stumbled into and didn't know how to handle.

"Breathe" is about when I started meditation, unlocking core memories to find answers that I should have already known, why I was the way I was, how to fix the issues I was facing, the difficulty of acceptance. These were just pieces that my journey into meditation had reveled to me, and helped me to overcome some of the stress and strain the balancing act had left.

"Manic" is the song about the struggle with myself to change things around and do better, to get back on track and get back on the road I was forging. It was a constant battle inside, neither side wanting to give in to the other's ideals, how the battle would end I had no idea.

"Outbreak" was made before all these tracks on the list, it was made from a lot of things happening at the time, talk of disease and cancer, it was a hard time for the family and we did what we could for each other.

"Clouded" was about losing the path in the fog until things were under control, trying to improve my craft while everything was happening would be a fools errand, it wasn't going to happen, so I learned to be patient and focused on family, the path would still be there later.

"Dreams" is like a second part to Clouded, the dream was foggy but still within sight, I wasn't going to give up on it, it was the only thing driving me to be better, to want better
. All I could think of was succeeding, giving up wasn't an option.
J. Tomic's fourth album.
Originally released June 2020, this was a devastating time in life.
Years prior to the world-wide pandemic, life was hell, but it was worse for another, cancer is a devastating disease. This album is a reflection of how events were for everyone involved.

"Carousel" is the song that reflects the routines we had, the constant rotation to make things work smoothly as possible for everyone, we struggled, we fought and we cried until we came to the acceptance that this was the position we were in, though there were still growing pains we did what we could.

"Trapped" is about how we felt in these routines, we were all in a messed up position, we were mostly cooped up in our house, having few family friends drop by, we were each other company and support, it was hard at times, each of us trapped in our own ways.

"Warped" from our former selves, we still found the drive to keep going, even if we were running on empty. I could see the stress and strain everyone was under, watching as it changed all of us, knowing we wouldn't be the same.

"Lost", that's what we became, unfamiliar to our dreams and ambitions, stuck in the spiral of irrationality, whatever made us feel good at the time before the inevitable, it was putrid only for the fact it was to avoid the one dying in the room. One of the lowest points we had sunk before the final days.

Release" being the focal point of the album, also having the hardest story behind it, the day we thought of as our release from the darkness we were in, it was for the one that needed it most. We did our best to pick ourselves up after it all.

"Begin Again"
, this is the time I figured life is going to throw these experiences in the way sometimes, this was the first I've been through of the likes, and though I pray not to be in another experience like it, I know I'll be prepared for the future forward.
J. Tomic's fifth album.
Released September 2022, this was a turning point in the journey, when I began to move into the spotlight instead of staying in the dark, donning the mask I began a new journey, back to where I started, during which an incredibly warm and unbearably freezing time in life occurred.
This album was dedicated to that experience.

"Drive" was about finding someone special, so much so I had changed parts about me I never could, they became my drive for better, to do better. I didn't become who I was before the 3rd and 4th album, but someone different, someone more alive than ever, wouldn't of happened without them to give me the reasons.

"Time Savoured" is about always treasuring the time we had, despite the ups and downs it was one of the best times in my life at this point, I tried harder than ever, did better than ever, because I met the person that showed me I had the strength to do more than I thought.

Rainbow Beach" was about the paradise we envisioned sorrowfully cut short. So I turned what was once a poem to my love into a full song for those that have been through the same experience.
The lyric were written by J. Tomic and vocalized by a person on Fiverr who wished to remain anonymous

"Unknowns" was about finding ground after the fall, there were possibilities and still some hope left, but it was really just the adrenaline shot before the pain set in, when it did, everything was blurred and I stumbled into the unknowns.

"Phased", that's what I became, lost in what if's and sadness, the unknowns swallowed me without resistance, I just let the fall take me further and further, until an old friend found me and helped me realize I couldn't let it happen, not for the sake of our dream, I found the strength to climb back out.

"E. L. I."
was the motto we agreed upon if we were going to get back on track and prevent further falls into the unknown; Experience, Learn, Improve.
With these 3 linked words in mind, we moved forward.

"Brain Rattled", but still standing strong, our eyes were back on the path we had abandoned to follow love, to follow a happiness never felt, though the experience had dealt some damage, the stronger half of me wasn't going to let me drop off again.
J. Tomic's promotional album.
Released June 2023, this was supposed to be a preview for the album that came out later that year.

It was an experiment in a different way to make a song, Lo-Fi being the closest genre resulted, it had interesting properties across some platforms and it ruined the quality of the track.
As a result of this it has been removed from most commercial platforms, but is still available to purchase on Ko-Fi or Bandcamp.

Each of these songs will be explained upon the albums versions of these tracks.
J. Tomic's sixth album.
Released November 2023, this album was a big change in direction from what was expected, expanding into Chill-hop and Drum 'n' Bass styles while still keeping that peculiar sound I've continued to improve upon through-out.
This album is about finding the answer to the question I had been asking since the Release [EP]; "who am I?".

"City Livin'" was about coming back to the hometown and find things weren't anything like before, the small town at the end of the tracks had changed to something more, somehow different but still showing the same cracks, it became the beginnings of a city not so different from the old.

"Record Pace" would be how I came to adapt being back home, a glove with perfect fit, but a lot of other things started happening at the same pace. Finding friends had changed too, the old town I knew swallowing them into their own unknowns, into struggles I couldn't fathom.

"See Them" is about being aware of their situations and not knowing what to do to help, but know I have to do something, without them knowing I've included them on this journey, where success can also be theirs. If I'm going to make it out, they sure as hell going to too.

Absolute" was going to have lyrics with it, however my voice wasn't ready for it at the time, it was real personal and wouldn't sound right from anyone else. It was about finding out this is who I was, an ambitious beat-smith who's strength comes from friends and family, holding onto a dream to make it out of the roach nest together, and we do it clean.

"Nightfall" Is my time, our time, that's when we get active - while most sleep, grind towards the goal is all I could think to do, all I wanted to do. Hungry for success I would spend long nights working on these tracks to get the right sound I wanted to portray.

"Digital Tribals" was about the ever increasing gap politics has left on society as a whole, forcing friends, family and cultures to be near at war with each other over ideas, causing alienation of anyone outside either doctrine, it can only be seen as tribal warfare for the digital age.

"Divided" is how I became to be, without the stronger half I fell into doubt but together we had risen, both sides agreed to take turns sharing control, one focuses on chill styles, the other expanded further focusing on the heavier styles, when both styles come together it becomes a misfits match.

"Running With Wolves" is how I had to move forward, I needed to learn the tools of the trade, the workings of the mechanism behind the scenes, only way to make the dream happen is to be amongst the wolves myself, I learned so much, and yet can morally use very little. With knowledge gained and those I thought to be friends lost, I headed back to begin plans to build my pack.
Was also made for the Run Like A Wolf fundraiser and the Re-enlist Wolves campaign.

"Late Night", this was about memories of old times, cruising down the streets at 3am on the BMX, beat-boxing and humming music when the disc player ran out of power, calm and empty streets with the cooling breeze, one of the few moments I'd felt relaxed and without a care.

"Drifter" is the song of realization in who I was, who I had forgotten. The track itself is a double entendre, I was once a risk taker, like a drifter, living life on the edge and feeling great, but also a drifter socially, meaning I never fit in to one place or another, but that was fine too, every place I found myself in was another experience to follow and learn from, but now as a drifter with purpose, my path will lead to new horizons and I can't wait to see them.
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